What Is Magnetic Marketing?

What is magnetic marketing? Magnetic marketing is a successful strategy utilized by direct sales business owners to attract new customers and build their business.

One of the biggest reasons that new direct sales businesses fail is they just simply run out of customers. No new customers, no business.

Direct sellers that are associated with legitimate sales companies are primarily concerned with selling the product. If the product is good and priced right then making sales is relatively easy.

The second priority for network marketers is to find other motivated individuals who want to be involved with selling the product. Typically, the new direct seller contacts family and friends to make the first sales.

These are called “warm leads”. They know them so they are comfortable talking to them about their new business. Some may be interested in buying the product and some may be interested in selling the product. But the “warm” leads soon run out and then the work of dealing with “cold leads” starts.

It takes a lot of work to convince someone who knows nothing about you or the product you are selling to buy (cold leads).

But what if you had a way to introduce thousands of people to you and your product at the same time?

What if just 10% of these people contacted you because they were interested in getting involved with you and your product?

That’s where magnetic marketing comes in.

The magnetic marketing or sometimes called “attraction marketing” strategy, is a systematic use of websites and social networks to build awareness for you and your product. The strategy is repeatable and easily taught, even to those with little or no knowledge of building websites or using the internet.

If you are at all interested in starting your own direct sales business you must consider magnetic marketing a vital part of your sales strategy.

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